Decks Built for Life!

Paverdeck Plank decks are the latest innovation in high-quality decks, delivering unmatched performance while offering unlimited design options.

Paverdeck Plank engineering is based on the same principles as automotive unibody engineering and is made from high-strength galvanized steel, making it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Paverdeck Plank decks resist movement, heaving and are suitable for installation over frost footings or deck pads. They are also resistant to insects and fire and are not susceptible to moisture and rot like traditional wood decks.


  • Easy to install – Lay Paverdeck Plank over your existing or new wood or metal joist structure. Simply remove your existing joists and replace them with the Paverdeck Plank structure. Paverdeck Plank forms a diaphragm over the structure, extending the lifespan of your deck. It then supports surface finishes including stone/concrete pavers, outdoor porcelain tile and more.
  • Unlimited design options – Paverdeck Plank can also be used for other outdoor projects, including rooftop terraces or condominium balconies. Its lightweight and long lifespan make it ideal for these uses and more advantageous than other systems. Design options are unlimited, allowing you to create your dream space. Paverdeck Plank structures can be cut and shaped into any design.
  • Affordable – Priced comparably to composite, you’ll be pleased to discover that maintenance-free Paverdeck Plank is affordable and has surface options to fit any budget. Increase your home’s value and get yourself a great new deck, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Paverdeck Plank decks are maintenance-free and designed to last a lifetime!

Forget about needing to replace your deck every 10 to 15 years. Spend your time relaxing on your deck, not maintaining it!