Paverdeck Plank – Decks Built for Life!

The latest innovation in high-quality, low-maintenance decks, Paverdeck Plank offers an affordable, easy to install option that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

When you use Paverdeck Plank, you’ll enjoy exceptional flexibility and unlimited design options. Paverdeck Plank structures can be cut and shaped into any design, before installing your preferred surface finish over top. Possibilities are limitless; use outdoor porcelain tile, stone/concrete pavers or other surface finishes in any imaginable configuration.

Tired of replacing your deck every ten years?

Paverdeck Plank is engineered to last a lifetime. Paverdeck Plank can withstand the effects of sun, rain and snow, increasing its lifespan. Resistant to moisture, insects and fire, you’ll spend more time on your deck, rather than maintaining it. Upgrade your existing wood deck structure using its current footings and modern surface finishes.

Installation has never been easier!

Simply build your Paverdeck Plank over top your new or existing wood or metal joist structure. No special tools are required. It’s as easy as:

  • Project joists with joist tape
  • Screw Paverdeck Plank into joists
  • Install tile/pavers

Versatile – Comprised of high-strength galvanized steel, Paverdeck Plank engineering is based on the principles of automotive unibody engineering. Forming a complete diaphragm over the wood structure, Paverdeck Plank extends the lifespan of your deck beyond 20 years. Not only for decks, Paverdeck Plank can also be installed as part of a floor, roof or wall system, including rooftop terraces or condominium balconies. Boasting a combination of long lifespan and light weight, the advantages are clear.

Resistant – Paverdeck Plank also resists heaving & movement and can be installed over frost footings or deck pads. The galvanized steel panels span over your existing joints. More forgiving, they can be adjusted onsite for decks that are not perfectly aligned or are out of square.

Affordable – Paverdeck Plank is priced comparably to other low-maintenance options such as composite, with many more advantages. Choose surface options that fit any budget and enjoy an increase in your home’s resale value thanks to the added lifespan of a Paverdeck Plank deck.

Paverdeck Plank decks are maintenance-free and designed to last a lifetime!

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